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Our Founder

Mary Every

Boss Lady Mary

Food Items 

Our food menu is ever changing to bring our customers the best food options we can provide. We have everything from snacks for those wanting a quick bite. To full antree for those wanting a full Boss Cider experience. Our Sunday Specials are a new addition to our menu were excited to have them available Sundays only. Think of Boss for your next brunch outing. 


Boss Merch

When you're looking for quality gear for your next outfit, we've got you covered. We carry everything from hoodies to stickers so you can represent like a Boss!

What We Do

Boss Cider Company is here to bring a new approach to hard cider. Our goal every day is to serve the best cider in every glass. We make over 40 different varieties with 14 hard ciders on tap at all times. Check out our drink menu to see what we currently have available. 


Awards Won 

We were awarded three medals from the 2020 US Open Cider Championships

Gold - Going North- Our apple cherry hard cider won in the cherry category

Silver - Satine - Our cranberry hard cider won in the cranberry category

Bronze - Full Auto - Our apple jalapeno hard cider won in the anything goes category

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Boss wouldn't be complete without the backbone of this establishment. Jim and Megan have been a part of Boss helping with every aspect of the business. Working in house on a regular basis, say hi the next time you're in.